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What is the price for the first DUI in Arizona? Will I need a DUI / DWI Lawyer?

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Hello. I am not a criminal, but i had a car accident. Unfortunately, under the influence of alcohol. This happened in the state of Arizona in the USA. My question is on the subject and reads as follows: what is the price for the first DUI in Arizona? Do i have to hire a DUI / DWI Lawyer for my legal case? Do i need HIM? I am expecting a fine (financial compensation) and banned from driving a car for some time. Do i am right? What amount of fines? How much time of a driver's license suspension? A lot of questions, but so far, no adequate response. Where are the lists of DUI lawyers in Arizona. What about this type of law? Is this case for the criminal defense lawyer or dui / dwi attorney? How to to distinguish them? I found the relevant article on the topic of Arizona DUI Courts on the server, but what further. This case is different from mine! So i definitely need my own attorney to defend me at the trial!

Mandatory Jail Time in Arizona for DUI

As they say in this article, if you are convicted of DUI in Arizona you will go to jail. Absolutely! It is mandatory and without exception (i am not sure, there are no exceptions). The Amount of jail depends on your alcohol concentration (blood alcohol content), your prior criminal history (particularly DUI history - relatively strict laws of Arizona), as well as the Circumstances of your case. For a first Offense, if your reading is below .15, then the minimum of amount of jail is 24 hours. If your reading is .15 and .20 Between, Then the minimum is 30 days in jail. If your reading is above .20, Then the minimum jail time is 45 days. Keep in mind That the State has to perform That your actual alcohol concentration was above Those minimum Amounts in order for you to be subject to the enhanced jail sentence.


By the way, it was no extreme DUI, i had about one per mille of alcohol in the blood - measured immediately after a car accident. Is there any table above per mille alcohol vs punishment? My criminal record, as well as "alcohol" misconduct is clean. Can you give me some advice. Do i have to be ready to strike from the "hand of the law" by the local police and the courts?

Arizona DUI Definitions on DMV

The Arizona MVD classifies DUIs by blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and the specific circumstances of your offense. What about when i refuses to take the test for alcohol in my blood immediately after a car accident! What says the Arizona legal guide? No irony! Where are some precedents and current legal cases? Is there any current discussions on this subject with the relevant information and facts? What about a chat with real dui attorney somewhere in Arizona? In Arizona (Phoenix), standard DUI is classified as driving a vehicle with a BAC of:

  • 0.08% or more.
  • 0.04% or more, if you are driving a commercial vehicle.
  • Any percentage, if you are younger than 21 years old.
  • An extreme DUI is classified as driving with a BAC of 0.15% or higher.
  • An aggravated DUI is classified as:
  • DUIs committed with a driver's license that is suspended, revoked, or cancelled.
  • A 3rd offense for DUI within 84 months.
  • A DUI committed while driving with a passenger who is younger than 15 years old.

Overview on Arizona DUI Laws - government website!

I found this website ( with the appropriate information and facts about overview on Arizona DUI Laws. The Following Arizona Statutes are available pertaining to Arizona DUI laws: Title 4 - 241: Selling or giving liquor to underage person; illegally obtaining liquor by underage person; violation; classification; definitionsTitle 28-1381: Driving Under the Influence
Title 28-1382: Driving Under the Influence with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .15 or more (Extreme DUI)Title 28-1383: Aggravated Driving Under the Influence.

This legal question is included and related to DUI/DWI Law! Can you give a useful answer? Please do it! It is also possible that you have a similar question. Then ask a lawyer in this discussion or simply comment this question. Question "What is the price for the first DUI in Arizona? Will I need a DUI / DWI Lawyer?" was submitted to Arizona, Arizona City, United States location.

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What is the price for the first DUI in Arizona? Will I need a DUI / DWI Lawyer?

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