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Do you need to find cheap and capable attorney in Lithuania? In addition to these qualities are also important other skills and abilities. Like loyalty to the client, experiences in a particular field of law, ability to listen and so on. If you are looking for a complete list of lawyers in Lithuania , look at our database and find the best lawyer for you case. How to find high-quality and well-evaluated lawyer without previous experience? On the Internet, of course! You can simply ask a lawyer in our discussion forum. Or, submit law related question in online clinic. Looking for criminal defense attorney or law firm? You had a car accident and looking for traffic accident lawyer? Do you need a qualified DUI attorney in Lithuania ? Remember to ask the attorney how he would approach your case.

How to Hire the Best Counsel?

In addition to the general evaluation is good to seek objective user reviews of lawyers in a specific country (location). How to hire the right lawyer or counsel? Start with your friends, family and the environment. If you find some attorneys, check their track records. Are you prepared for first session? Be ready to ask a lot of questions - do not forget to prepare notes! Incidentally, the legal fee arrangements are a cost of doing business. Your brother's divorce lawyer may not be much helpfull for you, but do not forget, that lawyers know other lawyers so do not hesitate to use them for recommendations. It is the best way to find a qualified and reliable law representative. Do not take as an affront if the lawyer may charge you for the initial consultation. This prevents "free legal advice" from "willing attorney" - quite common action in almost all fields of human activity.

List of Attorneys in Lithuania

Everyone wants to find high quality, capable and experienced lawyer who has good references and customer reviews. Yeah, but how and where the counselor like this search for? There are databases and lists of lawyers in Lithuania ( - legal resources), including personal information, contacts and price lists for individual acts. Regarding the reviews, it is necessary to search for information on the web, especially in online discussion forums and legal clinics. Do you have a lot of questions on a particular lawyer or law clerk? In addition to classic law firms there are also counsels and counselors who have at least a partial legal education and can help you get started. You need a very rapid (immediate) help from a qualified lawyer, and preferably through online chat or email correspondence? Then try to search on google specific query such as "chat with lawyer in Lithuania" or similar keywords that are relevant to the type of law and location.
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What Kind of Lawyer do i Need?

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what kind of lawyer you need. There are advocates for car accidents - when the traffic accident happens. If you was driving under the influence of alcohol, you will need DUI attorney in Lithuania - wikipedia. Many legal conflicts resolves branch called "criminal defense attorney in Lithuania". Do you have family problems? Divorce, disputes over property, inheritance, child care or something else? Then you have to search for the family solicitor! There was a medical malpractice? Do you have "follow" health problems - such as after surgery or medical examination? Then focus on medical malpractice lawyers in Lithuania. Do you have problems with mesothelioma cancer (malignancy) and looking for opportunities and ways of compensation from the state? There are special lawyers called "Lithuania mesothelioma lawyers" who know how and where to file a complaint and on which court to turn. These law firms are very expensive, because the chances for financial compensation are very high.
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Lithuania Legal System
Compare lawyers in Lithuania. The qualities of their legal services, user reviews and pricelists (hourly rates and contract terms) including a detailed tariff!
Ask Lawyer | Lithuania
Do you wanna ask a lawyer in Lithuania? Do you have some questions regarding criminal proceedings? You do not know how preliminary procedure work? When people are taken into custody (marital strife for children), before they are questioned, they must be informed that anything they say may be held against them in a court of law, and that they have the right to remain silent. Do not forget this fact! You can't find some "no win no fee" lawyer in Lithuania? Ask your own question for free and find him! You do not know how to contact a lawyer or legal advisor? You live in a specific area of Lithuania and looking for actual lists of all law firms focused on a specific type of law? Do you think that you're in the right? All contact information (phone numbers, emails, web pages, contact addresses) are traceable on the Internet. Try the Yellow Pages or search on
Law Discussion Forum
Do you have doubts about a criminal complaint? Is it your first judicial action? If yes, you will need some advice or reassure. How and where to find good legal advice? Of course, on the internet! Free law discussion forum is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How to use it? Find you location and search for information that is relevant to your case. If you have a different legal question, ask lawyer online! There are at least ten of good instructions that will help you to find high quality, reliable and knowledgeable attorney. To compare the prices of individual law firms in Lithuania just search on Google and find current price lists! Remember the other names of lawyers: attorney, advocate, barrister, counsel, counsellor or solicitor.
What Happened to You?
If possible, we would like to help you with your legal issues. Tell us what happened to you (submit law related ticket) and wait for answers and legal tips from the involved attorneys. Do you have some problem at work? In the family (divorce or disputes about children and alimony) with wife / husband? Is it about a crime (bodily injury, robbery, vandalism or theft) or misdemeanor? Do you have health problems abroad (vacation, business stay)? Do you have debts? Are you scared of the execution? Do you think, that debt collecting agency violated the laws of the country? What can you do if a debt collector violates the FDCPA? Did you already paid the penalty?
Lithuania | DUI Lawyer
Did you had a car accident under the influence of alcohol? Each world state has different rules, limits and laws regarding driving while drunk. Otherwise also DUI - it means "Driving Under the Influence" of alcohol, drugs, illegal pills and other drugs. Are you looking for information and list of DUI attorneys in Lithuania? We provide a complete database of certified lawyers and law firms that focus on this type of law. What are the limits of alcohol (marihuana, the forbidden pills, other drugs) for driving a motor vehicle in Lithuania? Basic information about the laws and regulations in a given country can be found on wikipedia.

DUI in the USA: state by state

Wondering what are the regulations for driving while intoxicated in individual states of the US? Detailed information about the parameters of a blood-alcohol limit for individual countries can be found on the official government site, but also on the Wikipedia website. How high are the dui lawyer Fees in Lithuania? How can i hire the best criminal defense attorney for this location? Are Internet reviews and user tips true and useful? Remember, average values are as follows: United States: 0.08% BAC volume. In many US states have special laws and penalties against the use of alcohol or other drugs while driving.

Special cases and exceptions.

A California DUI arrest triggers two separate cases–one in court and another at the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The blood-alcohol limit for commercial drivers is 0.04%, then you will need DUI attorney. Some states of U.S include a lesser charge of driving with a BAC of 0.05% - Lithuania - other states limit this offense to younger drivers under the age of 21. For example Wisconsin state is the only U.S state that continues to treat first offense drunk driving arrests as forfeiture.

Rules in the United Kingdom (UK)

What about driving motor vehicles in the UK (while drunk)? The maximum penalty for this type of offense (offense) in the UK is set at six months. Moreover, even a fine up to £ 5,000 and a minimum 12 months' disqualification. Being in charge of a vehicle whilst over the legal limit or unfit through drink could result in three months' imprisonment plus a fine of up to £2,500 and a driving ban. Remember, the burden of proof in the case of drunk driving is always upon the Accused! In England it is good to drive completely clean. Otherwise you risk prosecution.
Criminal Defense Lawyers
Are you searching for criminal defense attorney in Lithuania? A criminal defense lawyer, also known as a defense attorney, is a lawyer specializing in the defense of individuals and companies (entrepreneurs) charged with criminal conduct (assault, robbery, bodily injury, act of vandalism, theft, murder, attempted murder, etc.). Are you facing a criminal charge or just ordinary offense? Regarding criminal offense (your / defendant), immediately contact an experienced criminal attorney. By the way, very interesting article about "How to Select a Criminal Defense Attorney in Lithuania (or any other world location) can be found on Wikihow server. And what did they say? Firstly, determine whether you need a defense attorney. Do not forget to determine the difference between a defense attorney and a public defender. Public defenders are generalli (according to the laws of the state) reserved for people who can not afford private attorneys. Do not expect justice, because public defenders have very little time and resources to work on your case and result in less justice.
Are you Legal Aid Professional?
Are you a qualified lawyer? Do you work as the single lawyer or as a partner in law firm? Do you wanna to advertise your/their services online on the web (for free)? Register here and answer user queries in legal counseling. Why to do that? You can help others and gain a new client! Everyone wants quality and capable lawyer. This offer is advantageous especially for beginning lawyers. But it shall apply to anybody. Contingent fee meaning: Fee charged for a lawyer's services only if the lawsuit (court) is successful or is favorably settled out of court.
Legal Questions & Answers: FAQ
  • How to win a lawsuit as soon as possible?
  • This mystery would like to know everyone, even the lawyers themselves. Before you start a lawsuit (action), put together all the facts. Strengths of both - you and your opponent. Do you know what the arbitral tribunal mean? It is a fast-track lawsuit without the possibility of appeal.
  • What does "no win no fee lawyer" mean?
  • We are talking about law firms or single lawyers who are working for free. Well, not quite :) These lawyers will receive a commission only when they win the lawsuit. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Zero cost on lawyer in the beginning of the trial, but the high commission for the won court.
  • Meaning of OVI / DUI / DWI / OMVI?
  • This is a frequent question in the forum. What is the difference Between these shortcuts OVI / DUI / DWI / OMVI? Practically none, at least for the year 2014/2015. Abbreviation OMVI Means Operating a Motor Vehicle while under the Influence of Alcohol or drugs of abuse. DUI cases in Lithuania are for criminal defense lawyers (defense attorneys), that are specialized in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct.
  • How much does it cost to hire lawyer?
  • It is very difficult to answer the question, how much does it cost to hire a lawyer in Lithuania. Why? There are different locations, criminal cases and able vs less capable attorneys and law firms.
  • Free lagal advice forum?
  • Yes, you're right there :) Apart from the complete list of lawyers and law firms around the world, there is also a free legal advice discussion forum for anyone! How does it work? You shall put the question (it must be relevant to the topic of the rights and the laws of the State) - waiting for a good response from lawyers and experienced users - get a good answer - you have to rate comments and good posts.
  • What does it Jurisdiction mean?
  • Jurisdiction is the practical authority granted to a formally constituted legal body or to a political leader to deal with and make pronouncements on legal matters and to administer justice within a defined area of responsibility - wikipedia. What types of jurisdictions we know? According to the type of State (location): substantive jurisdiction, local jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction, functional jurisdiction.
  • Your first meeting?
  • Be ready to ask a lot of questions regarding both your particular matter and the lawyer’s practice. Very important question for potential lawyer sound like this: how many similar matters have you handled and what were those results? What restrictions will be in case of representation? How quickly do you respond to phone calls, e-mails or other forms of communication? How can I reach you after normal business hours and is it possible?
  • Free consultation: car accident lawyer.
  • I had an accident with a motor vehicle. Can i have the first consultation with a lawyer in Lithuania for free? How much are the fees for sessions with a traffic accident attorney or defense lawyer? Can I get a discount at the first meeting?
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